Specialty Products

Electronic doors, People doors, Ramps, Kennels, and Dog Houses

Have something in mind, but don't know how to make it happen? We can help!

ELECTRONIC DOORS - Utilizing electronic collars, and motorized pet doors, you can keep unwanted animals out, and specific pets in. These doors open only for the pet wearing the electronic collar. Call today for more information!

PEOPLE DOORS - What is becoming increasingly necessary is taking off your glass door and replacing it with a people door. Replacing your full glass door with a half glass (half lite) people door, then utilizing the bottom half for a dog door is a great solution. You can store your full glass door, and in the future replace it if you sell your house.

RAMPS - We can build a custom ramp, and install it below your pet door. Some backyards are just too low for the dog to get in and out of. A pet door ramp is the perfect solution!


KENNEL DOORS - Need a specialty door? Call today!

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