Many customers have questions or concerns about pet doors. We have compiled some of the most common, however, please call if it hasn’t been included here.

1What if I sell my house?
First off, don’t remove that door! Over 60% of households in California own pets. That means if you want to sell your house, it is probably an upgrade appreciated by the new owner. If you have an in wall, in door, the process can be reversed with some new siding, or a new door. In the case of an in glass, we will leave you the old glass, simply have the glass (without the pet door) replaced in your door.
2Won't pests, rodents, and vermin come in through the door?
While it is possible, strong magnets, a long nylon brush and/or billowing flap edges creates an exceptional seal, and is an adequate deterrent. Most animals need to be trained to move freely through our pet doors, and when resistance is met, naturally will be timid of pet door flaps. For larger animals such as raccoons, these animals are attracted to smells as they naturally forage for food. Keeping pet food, treats, and other attractants away from openings, porches, and pet doors will likely take incentive away and encounters will end. Wild animals do not want an altercation with a domestic pet, and will only do so if a reward is possible.
3What if somebody crawls through the door to steal from me?
This is a common concern, it may be possible for an intruder to crawl through a LARGE pet door. However, we recommend using the supplied security cover when the dog is not using the door. But what if the security cover is not used? An intruder may be dissuaded from intrusion by the simple fact that they may not want to face the LARGE dog that may be on the other side! Although it may not be the case, the dog door itself leaves the impression of a large, protective dog serving his/her family! A sign near the dog door that says “Guard dog on Duty” may provide additional peace of mind. If you still have concerns, we suggest placing a planter or other obstacle in front of the door to keep it out of view.
4Will the door keep the cold/heat out of the house?
Our doors are chosen for there ability to provide a draft proof seal. This is why we recommend premium doors that are designed to provide years of use in various climactic environs.
5I have a pet that I do not want to go out with the other pet, what can I do?
Training and behavioral modification is the best solution. Many electronic doors have high failure rates, and long term durability issues. We recommend a training program for your cat or dog.
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